Rainy day activity: Make bubbly marbled paper

To make this marbled-effect bubbly paper, mix together a little ready-mix paint, washing up liquid and water in a large but fairly shallow bowl. Put a straw in and blow! When there are loads of bubbles, place a piece of paper on top and hold it there for a few seconds until some of the bubbles have popped onto the paper. Make a new mixture with a second colour and repeat the process. Leave to dry and voila! Bubby paper! It can then be used for all sorts of things – to wrap presents, cover storage boxes, sticking on card to make a picture frame – the list is endless!

My daughter added glitter to this bubbly paper. Glitter, of course, is added to most of her masterpieces.

*Obvious stuff you already know but I’ll tell you anyway:
This can create LOTS of mess. Have a spare change of clothes to hand. Possibly one for the kids too…
Don’t accidentally breathe in through the straw like I did. The taste of paint and washing up liquid is not very pleasant.

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