Rainy day activity: Make an ‘I spy’ sensory shaker bottle

We all know how much young children enjoy making noise!  I’m sure most of you will have, at some point, filled an empty bottle with some dry pasta or rice to make a shaker, but have you made an ‘I spy’ shaker?

They are pretty much the same thing but as well as being noisy they are also interesting for babies and toddlers to look at. Filled with colourful bits of card, sparkly beads, buttons, glitter, pipe cleaners, ribbons, etc, they provide great visual stimulation. I’ve even cut up some coloured drinking straws to put in this one and I also found a pack of out of date silver balls for decorating cakes in the back of the kitchen cupboard, so I’ve thrown those in too. You could even add a few bells to make it jingle!

It could also be used to encourage babies to crawl by rolling it along the floor. With toddlers you can play ‘I spy’, for example, “Can you find the green ribbon?”. You could use a small bottle for younger babies to be able to hold, right through to a giant 2 litre shaker for hours of amusement!

I had lots of fun making this one myself, but older children will enjoy helping too (mine just wanted to eat the contents which was not helpful at all).

*Obvious stuff you already know but I’ll tell you anyway:
Be careful not to stuff it too full or it wont make a great sound.
Make sure the lid is tightly secured and always supervise baby.

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