Review: Logo What Am I? game by Drumond Park

‘Logo What Am I?’ is a fun new game from Drumond Park, RRP £24.99. It is based on their best-selling ‘LOGO’ game, but more varied and aimed at children as well as adults.

Full of well known brands such as Coca Cola, Cadbury’s, Pringles and Moon Pig, players move around the board taking it in turns to pick a card and describe the particular brand or item on it. The way you do the description is dependent on where you are on the board. For instance; one type of square on the board means that you have to draw the item, another will ask you to verbally describe, and another will request other players to ask questions, with only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers allowed. It’s a good mix of ideas and allows players of all ages and abilities to take part.

Although the game is intended for ages 8+, our 2 year old had great fun joining in. He had his own counter, rolled the dice and drew random pictures for us to guess what they were. He even managed to work out that I was drawing a toaster before anyone else did! He was very good at turn taking, happily handing the pen over to his sister when it was her turn – he seemed to quite enjoy being part of a family game. The only thing that he did get really frustrated with (ending up with a tantrum on the floor), was when we packed it away at the end!

Our almost 8 year old found it easy to draw the items but describing them was a bit more of a challenge. A correct guess means that person becomes a joint winner of the round, along with whoever was describing or drawing the item and both players get to roll the dice again. So it is encouraging for all the players to describe or draw to the best of their abilities and it’s nice that there is more than one way to win.

We chose to use a whiteboard to make it easier for everyone to see the drawings, but the game does include a small pad of paper and a pencil, which we’ll keep safe as it would be an ideal game to take away if we went on holiday. I can see this being a favourite game throughout the summer holidays!

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We received a complimentary sample for the purpose of this review.

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