Review: The Beaver and The Elephant by Keith Lemon

The Beaver and The Elephant

Written & Illustrated by Keith Lemon, Published by Orion

If you’re a fan of Keith Lemon, this book will be right up your street! Of course, your kids won’t (or at least probably shouldn’t) have a clue who Keith Lemon is, but this book is indeed suitable for children. There are three stories, all following the adventures of two friends, Beaver and Elephant, with appearances from Mr Sweaty Fox and even Keith Lemon himself. Illustrated as cartoon characters within photographic scenes, Beaver and Elephant have lots of fun throughout the stories. They go on holiday, shop for new shoes, and snuggle “underneath their One Direction duvet covers watching Christmas Top of the Pops”. Along with all the silliness, the stories also have very good morals and the book has become my little boy’s current favourite, with the best line being “POOOOOOPAAAAAR”, which can be constantly heard like an echo throughout our house. Thanks, Mr Lemon!

We received a complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

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