Review: Bioglan SmartKids Fussy Eater Multi Vitamins & Superfood Shakes

Of course nothing beats getting your 5 a day from fresh fruit and vegetables, but when you have very fussy eaters it’s great there are products like the Bioglan SmartKids range to fall back on. SO Kid refuses to eat any vegetables, apart from the very occasional raw carrot or sugarsnap pea. He’ll usually only eat dry and plain foods too, so I can’t even blend up some veggies to hide in a sauce!

The SmartKids Fussy Eaters Multivitamins have been a real hit in our house. I was surprised when I opened the pack as I was expecting them to be like the usual chewy gummy-style vitamins, but they are a powdery type of tablet instead. Don’t be put off by this though, I’ve tried them and can honestly say they are delicious – they actually remind me of fizzy refreshers sweets! The kids (aged 5 and 10) really enjoy them too and described them as “fruity”, “crunchy”, “fizzy” and “super yummy”! You can see in the macro photo below, all the natural colours from the fruit and veg blends. Each tablet includes a blend of grape, cranberry, blueberry, billberry, raspberry, plum, cherry, strawberry, spinach, brocolli, carrot and tomato. They certainly ‘look’ healthier than the gummy-style vitamins I used to buy.

You really can’t taste all the hidden veggies in the chocolate flavoured SmartKids Superfood Shake at all and it really is just like a chocolate milkshake, except without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. However, my children were not too keen on the flavour of this. They absolutely love the ‘grown up’ Bioglan Supergreens Cacao Boost version, but the Smartkids product seems to have a different, maybe slightly sweeter flavour.

As you can see from the photo above, the shake does require a lot of mixing and a little of the powder does float to the top fairly quickly afterwards, but it’s not too offensive – it just looks like cocoa powder.  With the ‘grown up’ version, however, the powder has much more of a green tint, so if you have picky kids, definitely stick with the kids’ version.

Obviously in the short time we’ve been trying out the new SmartKids products it is impossible to say whether or not they have had an impact on my kids’ health, but all that extra fruit and veg goodness surely cannot be a bad thing!

Priced at £9.99 for 30 tablets, the Fussy Eaters Multivitamins do cost more than I would normally pay for vitamins – but then those ‘normal’ vitamins aren’t packed full of fruit and veg. The Superfood Shake is also priced at £9.99 and works out at approx 66p per serving which I think is pretty good value. The SmartKids range is available to purchase from Holland and Barrett stores.

We received complimentary samples for the purpose of this review.

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