Kids’ party ideas: Harry Potter theme

SO Kid is a big Harry Potter fan at the moment, since his sister received the DVD box set for her birthday and we watched them all during last year’s summer holidays.  Here are a few ideas for decor, activities and food, which we used for his Harry Potter themed birthday party…

The decor

We made up the living room as the Dursley’s house, with tea cups and biscuits for any parents who wanted to stay. We replaced our family pictures with pictures of the Dursleys for the day and hung lots of Hogwarts letters from fishing wire to make them look as if they were flying down the chimney. The children then entered the main party room (kitchen/dining room) through platform 9 3/4! We’d used a cheap paper tablecloth and printed a brick pattern with red paint and a sponge. We covered the dining table with a black tablecloth and had a poster on the wall which made the table appear much longer. As it was near Halloween we placed some LED candlesticks and a pumpkin as a centrepiece.


Dumbledore, aka SO Dad, led a comedy potions workshop where everything went wrong and potions were overflowing, which the kids found very amusing! We had various ‘potions’ on display too, some containing glow sticks which looked great in low lighting.  We had a lucky dip game in a large plant pot with cardboard leaves poking out of the ‘soil’ (shredded paper). Some of the leaves had prizes attached, while others had a grumpy mandrake face! Everyone managed to get a prize in the end though. Our ‘pin the nose on Voldemort’ game was pretty humorous too, with everything from clown noses to elephant trunks to stick on the bad guy! Our utility room was set up as a shop, with rows of double sided boxes which had wand labels on one side and sweet labels on the other, so we could make use of the space and change the shop half way through the party. One activity was to decorate a wand and a mini cauldron. We used the cauldrons for each child to collect their prizes and treats throughout the party, instead of ready made party bags to take home.


We had a selection of Harry Potter themed food, from Breaded Basilisk (bread rolls baked in wiggly snake shapes with raisins for the eyes), Philosopher’s Scones, Huffle Puffs (Wotsits), Dairylea Hallows and Olivander’s Breadstick Wands. The cake was made to look like Harry’s birthday cake baked by Hagrid, but the surprise was when it was cut open, it was an ‘Every Flavour’ cake (although only nice flavours of course!) Each sponge layer was a different colour and flavour – vanilla, caramel, strawberry and orange, held together with buttercream and jam. The centre was cut out and filled with jelly beans! Before the party guests went home, they were invited to take some treats from our ‘sweet shop’, where we had filled small bags with jelly beans and chocolate frogs.

We love planning parties for the kids and this has definitely been our favourite theme yet!

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