Olly Murs 2017 tour at Bournemouth BIC, review and photos by SO Teen

When I went to see Olly, on Tuesday the 28th of March, he was really entertaining and fun. I’ve been to many other concerts, but this one was by far the best as he interacted lots with the audience as well as introducing us to his musicians and backing singers. The concert was at Bournemouth BIC and I sat on the front row of the balcony with my mum and we had a fantastic unrestricted view of the whole stage.

Before the concert actually started, a DJ came on from Wave 105 to warm up the audience. This was a really interesting support act as there is usually a singer or group, although I think the set could have been a bit more visually appealing as it was a rather large empty stage surrounding the small DJ booth. But I did like the range of songs he put on.

After a countdown, Olly took to the stage and sang a range of songs, old and new. Before he sung them, Olly would say something that inspired him to write it, or something funny about the song, which I thought was really nice. I also really liked how Olly set up his performance; he had a section near the end where he sang various songs by different artists from the last few decades. Although I didn’t recognise some of the songs, lots of people certainly did (my mum was singing along to them!) and there was something for everyone. He also sang a song by Justin Timberlake, and it almost sounded the same as the original version (if you closed your eyes you might think it was!)

After the concert ended it took around two hours to get out of the car park… But that just proves that lots of people love Olly and his songs!  We finally got home at midnight. I would definitely recommend his next concerts as he had great interaction with the audience and sung with passion!


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