SO Mum’s Simple Christmas Crafts & Upcycled Decoration Ideas

Baubles looking a bit tatty?

Looking for something to do with last year’s Christmas cards?

These Christmas crafts are really simple (if I can do them, anyone can!) and are great for recycling/upcycling what you already have.

Upcycled Christmas Baubles

This is a fun craft which even toddlers can have a go at and it’s great for reusing old baubles which are scratched/faded, or if you just don’t like the look of them anymore!

I found a selection of old baubles and we covered them in PVA glue, placed small squares of brown parcel paper all over them, then added another coat of glue on top.

You could use any type of scrap paper, or even tissue paper. Once the paper was covered in glue, we rolled each bauble in a bowl of glitter and tiny bits of red, green and white scrap card. You could also add small foil stars or sequins into the glitter mixture.

As soon as the baubles were covered in the glitter mixture we hung them straight onto the tree to dry (making sure they didn’t touch any branches or other baubles while the glue was still sticky).

We even decorated our old star to match the baubles!

Paper Mache Stars and Snowflakes

To make our paper mache stars and snowflakes, we mixed together some water and pva glue with small pieces of torn scrap paper and molded the mushy mixture into shape using printed templates. We left them to dry overnight, then cut them out and painted them silver, adding more glitter of course! We arranged ours on the tree, but they would also look lovely hanging from the ceiling or window.

Snowscene Shoebox

This is a craft activity I remembered from school (a long, long time ago…) and is a great way to use up all of those old Christmas cards you shoved away with the decorations in the New Year!

Firstly, line the shoebox with pretty landscapes from Christmas cards. Cut out animals, trees, santas, etc, leaving a flap at the bottom to fold so they can stand up.

Glue them all down inside the shoebox before adding some cotton wool ‘snow’ on the ground.

Cut a large rectangle out of the lid and replace with white tissue paper to let some light in.

Finally, cut out a small viewing window in the front of the shoebox and decorate the outside. Look through the viewer to see your magical snowscene!

Christmas Nature Trail Craft

If you head out on a nature walk this winter, why not collect lots of natural treasures to turn into a mini masterpiece?

To make this, we collected lots of pine cones, stones, acorns, plus a piece of tree bark we found on the ground.

We used sticky pads to secure everything down to the piece of bark, then applied a coat of PVA glue over everything to ‘varnish’ it, painted one pine cone green to look like a Christmas tree, added a little white paint to create a snowy effect, plus a little gold glitter for some Christmas sparkle!



We also collected some smooth, large, round pebbles and painted them white, then painted a letter on each to spell ‘Christmas’, plus a little glitter glue on top of the letters to make them sparkle!

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