I need these amazing chocolate Easter eggs in my life!

Easter will be here before we know it (have the kids not only just had a school holiday..?!) and my diet will go out of the window (well it would if I had ever started it in the first place) as the shops fill up with chocolatey loveliness and all things Easter (although that pretty much happened on Boxing Day didn’t it?).

I’ve had the difficult task of browsing Facebook and Instagram to find the most drool-worthy chocolate Easter eggs for 2019, some I think my kids would like, but mainly ones (namely the boozy ones) that I’m adding to my own Easter wishlist!


Easter eggs just for grown ups


Just wow. M&S has revealed the Proseggo Egg, a yummy blend of raspberry, blackcurrant and Prosecco and it is just a fiver (I’ll take two please!)



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Hotel Chocolat are, in my opinion, the kings of the Easter egg world, stuffing their chocolate eggs full of even more chocolatey goodness. I’ll have the champagne truffle one, thanks. Although it is a whopping £27…


I very much like the sound of Buttermilk’s pink Strawberry Bellini Easter Egg, which has Strawberry Bellini fudge hidden in the middle, complete with popping-candy fizz! It’s £9.99 which is mildly reasonable and it does contain freeze dried strawberries so it’s kind of healthy too, right?

Easter eggs for all the family

(If I really have to share…)


Love, love, love the Unicorn Studded Easter Egg from Chococo, priced at £12.50. With a gorgeous design on the outside and six white chocolate unicorns in the centre, this is an ideal treat for unicorn lovers of any age (especially my age, of course).


The Milk Chocolate Hedgehog from Artisan du Chocolat is just adorable. He’s £9.99 and has a a head of roasted almond hair! All together now – aaaahhhhh….



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The famous Avocado Easter Eggs are back at Waitrose and they’ve multiplied – this year you can get baby ones too! The standard size costs £8, while the baby is just £1.99, brilliant for Easter egg hunts.



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The Solid Chocolate Company has a whole range of genuinely solid chocolate Easter eggs, each with a whopping 750 grams worth of chocolate, divided up into solid bite-sized pieces. As you’d expect, they do come with a hefty price tag of £24.99, but they’d last for ages… at least a few hours in our house!


Finally, I just had to share this perfect Easter treat – the VÅRKÄNSLA flat-pack chocolate bunny from Ikea! A bit of a bargain at £2.95 and a great excuse for a trip to the wonderland that is Ikea. Grab your coat, SO Dad!


Have you seen any amazing Easter eggs so far this year? Please let me know about them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Have a cracking one.


SO Mum x



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