Home schooling: Week one down, how was it for you? Plus ideas and resources for week two


How was your first week of staying at home with your children and giving the home schooling thing a try?


If it all got too much and you found yourself pouring a glass of gin at 4pm on Monday afternoon, you’re not alone.


If the kids had mega meltdowns and point blank refused to do any school work, that’s perfectly understandable in this situation we’ve all been thrown into.


If all the ‘schooling’ you managed to do each day was a bit of reading together, don’t worry. It is enough. You are enough.


And if you really enjoyed week one and can’t wait for Monday, then good for you!


If your home school plan isn’t working, it’s ok to change it

This new kind of normal is going to take some getting used to – for us parents as well as for our children. So if the past week didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, or if your perfectly planned schedule went straight out the window halfway through Monday morning, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s a learning curve for all of us!

I made a home school timetable which we loosely followed each day to help us get into the new routine. This included time for exercise / outdoor play and creative time, inbetween sessions to complete work set by the school. I found it worked well for us to have a structure to our day and set start and finish times for each session. However, I’m going to mix it up a bit for this week, now I’ve got a better idea of when my son is most likely to focus on his school work and when he’s most likely to need some free time.

I’ve been enjoying my morning PE lessons with The Body Coach, but wonder how many other parents have found themselves doing the workouts alone while their kids sit watching from the sofa?! Sorry Mr Wicks, but I’ve given my son a note for PE this week and I’ll let him bounce away some of his energy on the trampoline instead, while I enjoy a peaceful cup of tea.


Ideas and resources for home schooling

While last week’s ‘creative time’ was mainly child-led, I’ve set a task of decorating the living room window for this week, ready to spread a little cheer (for ourselves as well as anyone passing by) over the Easter holidays. You can download the task sheet below if you’d like to use it.


Thinking ahead to after Easter, it’s worth having a chat with your child and see what they’ve enjoyed most about the past week and what they haven’t enjoyed so much, what they’d like to do more of and any topics they’d like to learn more about. If you’re likely to be met with a response of “don’t know”, or worse, “don’t care”, try asking them to write a few sentences about how they feel, as one of their weekly tasks. You can print off the example question sheet below if you’d like to use it.

Bring on week two!


SO Mum


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