Simple DIY slime recipe

I’m sharing this simple DIY slime recipe as it will keep the kids amused for hours and you may already have all the ingredients you need at home.

This homemade slime recipe uses just three main ingredients; PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda and saline solution (contact lens solution). You can also add food colouring to make a rainbow of different coloured slime, plus a bit of glitter too if you like!

Borax, the main ingredient in most homemade slimes, is a detergent which can be quite harsh on the skin. Instead of this, we use a sensitive contact lens solution which contains boric acid. This is the ‘magic’ ingredient which triggers the reaction, causing your gloopy mixture to become stretchy slime. Please do take care though, as any slime ingredients could still cause irritation if you’re prone to sensitive skin. It’s a good idea to wash and moisturise your hands well after making / playing with the slime.

Start with a small bowl of PVA glue and add your chosen food colouring. Mix in a tiny amount (just under half a teaspoon) of bicarbonate of soda. Next, add a few drops of your saline solution and mix again – you should notice the mixture beginning to thicken. Add in a couple more drops and continue mixing until the slime starts to come away from the sides of the bowl, this is when you can remove it from the bowl and start to knead and stretch it in your hands. After a few minutes your slime should become less sticky and easier to squish and stretch without getting stuck to your fingers!

Slime will dry out pretty quickly if it’s not kept in a container with a lid. We keep ours in a craft storage wheel by Wham, as the segments are perfect for keeping the colours seperate and the sliding lid allows you to open just one section at a time.

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