Easy way to make window clings / stained glass effect stickers

Here’s a really easy way to make your own window clings, or stained glass effect stickers. This is a lovely way to decorate your windows, filling them with rainbow designs to spread a little cheer.

You’ll need; PVA glue, ready mix paint, washing up liquid, a clear A4 plastic pocket.

Method 1

Decide on the design you’d like for your window cling, then either draw your picture onto an a4 piece of paper, print a design out, or use a page from a colouring book and place it inside your clear plastic pocket.

Mix a little paint into a pot of PVA glue, along with a squirt of washing up liquid. Without the washing up liquid, your paint mixture won’t ‘stick’ to the plastic properly and will be patchy. Paint your design on top of the plastic pocket, then leave to dry overnight. If you like, you can add a bit of glitter while the paint is still damp.

Once it’s dry, your design should easily peel away from the plastic, leaving the pocket perfectly clean to use again. Your finished artwork should cling to the window without any need for tape or adhesives. If you have trouble sticking it down, try heating it slightly with a hairdryer first.

Method 2

The second method is great for filling a larger area, or doing a more complex stained glass style design. Mix a squirt of washing up liquid with some PVA glue and paint this onto a clear plastic pocket, then leave to dry overnight.

Once dry, you can use felt tip pens or sharpies to draw your design onto the glue. Again, you could draw or print your design first and insert it into the pocket to trace over. Leave the finished design to dry for a while so the ink doesn’t smudge, then peel away from the plastic pocket. You can neaten up the edges with scissors, then stick to the window for a fantastic stained glass effect!

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